Our Commitment

At Prince Neptune, we're committed to responsibility and protecting our oceans. With 100% organic cotton and post-consumer bottles, we're redefining fashion and making a positive impact on the environment

Post-Consumer Bottles

Transforming waste into fashion by using post-consumer bottles, we repurpose waste and minimize the extraction of non-renewable resources. This approach reduces landfill waste and helps create a cleaner ocean ecosystem.

Organic Cotton

We choose organic cotton to reduce our ecological footprint. It preserves soil fertility, prevents water contamination, and protects our oceans from harmful substances.

Prince Neptune's use of organic cotton and post-consumer bottles propels us toward a responsible future. Join us in supporting a cleaner, healthier ocean ecosystem. Together, we can make a difference in fashion and the environment.

"We may wear different clothes, but we all wear the same sun"

Cody Simpson